Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Durian

How do you describe durian?
Hard and Thorny outside, but once it's being opened, that's where the aroma !

Wrong perception, misjudgement - Many people will have a wrong perception of what kind of person I am. They have mis-interprete me as someone ferocious, stubborn, hard-hearted, unkind, hard to approach all sort of negative image they can think of. I am not surprise and I dont blame them, bcos this is very usual re-action when they dont know me long enough.

I can be very extreme. Extreme in 2 difference faces. I can be very strong and tough and I can be very soft hearted and kind. I often tell people, my destiny in future will be either I am a successful adventurer or a social worker. 2 different kind of character Hard & Soft.

Only people who spend time long enough with me will understand what kind of character I am. However in current environment, everything is about speed, fast. Therefore people could have just "mark" me as someone difficult.

Well, I think the only way is to carry on my life as it is. Let the nature flows on its own cause. We just cant justify every single things people comment, condemn abt us. But will take it with open heart, and move on. I believe those people who stay on with me, are those who really spend time to know me as a person in deep.

I thank those who are close with me,

Do not judge a durian by it's cover !hehe

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stargal said...

dun worry... i think u're a nice, helpful and kind person! anyway, i always tell myself that we can't control how other ppl think, but we can control our own reactions to it. so live and let live! cheers!