Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have a dream

Went to Karaoke and chose a very meaningful song by ABBA title - I HAVE A DREAM!!. The lyrics pierce into my heart, and yes I have a dream, a dream that I always want to achieve it and fulfil it. Something I always want to do if I have the avenue.

Everyone has a dream, but not all want to achieve it. And the most common answer is dreaming to become millionaire, some dream of travel around the world, some dream to become CEO, some dream to become Super Star.

I want to become an Influencial & inspire person to the society thru mountain climbing & humanitary work. It may sound silly to many, bcos this dream does not bring any good income in life. Sometimes often time, we focus too much on money and neglect some of the most important value in life.

A good example is our 1st Malaysia Astronaut - Dr Sheik Muszaphar. Thru his voyage to th space he can use his fame to influence the society.

Once there was a TV-reality show "BENSON & HEDGES GOLDEN DREAM" who give public opportunity to fulfil their dream. Some dream of being a postman in USA, some dream to become a Chef in Las Vegas Hotel, some dream to skydive in Himalaya. This programme really inspire many youngster to fulfil their dream. I wish such programme will appear again.

In order for me to fuifil my dream, i have to find sponsor or job that i am able to :-
1. To stay in Nepal for a year
2. To trek to Everest Basecamp & Annarpurna Base Camp
3. To do social work for the poor kids
4. To work with United Nation (UNHCR)

Sound ridiculus to you? Well...... that is call DREAM... it may not make senses to many. But it is definately is my dream....

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stargal said...

benson & hedges golden dreams! i sent in my application once, but i think the prog was canceled soon after... :(