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I have this special passion for children since 2001, my 1st trip return from Nepal and when I 1st accepted christ. I always wanted to do something for the poor children I met -during all my personal trip to Nepal, Cambodia, India, North East Thailand (Surin). The suffering/pain those children have to go thru, some lost their parents, some being abandon, some being abuse and tortured. I have this burden, I wanted to do something for them, but how? I am not millionaire that I can donate large amount of money, I dont have the ability to build school, provide them proper life. What can I do?

I like to share what I have done, what I am doing & what I hope to do.

There are 3 stories on how I involve and been doing for the chilren :-


In Dec 2005 (winter), in a sudden I make up my mind to have a short trip (10days) to Nepal alone with my own expenses. I contacted one of the orphanage home NAMASTE CHILDREN HOUSE which newly operated about 1yr located in Phokara, Nepal. I shared my passion with a few close friends and collected some donation (money, stationery & old clothes). I carried with my 25kg backpack to Nepal.

I spent about 5-6days in the orphanage, helping them with their daily operation (cleaning, cooking, tuition) and with the donation I collected, I bought for the orphanage home some sports item (soccer ball, racket, table tennis). And each othe them I bought from Malaysia each a pair of socks, it is bcos all the children need warm items during this cold winter. The joy is unmeasureable when you see how the children appreciate this gift. For this poor orphans, the loves and heart that matters not so much on the gift.

I am very touched when I read each children biodata. Their background is truly sad. Some children were being brought to this home from the street, as these children were abandon by their parents, some were too sick to take care, some were too poor to take care. Therefore they left their children loitering in the street trying to survive on their own. One kid name Purna age 8yrs old have to work to survive thanks for the restaurant owner who offer this small kid a job to clean up, help around in kitchen, and luckily he was brought in to this home now and going to school now.

We will never appreciate our life until we really see with our own eyes there are many people out there who need our help. Namaste Children House is still fresh in my mind. I would like to go back to this place again and see how the children grow. I may not be able to offer alot of $$ to help them, but I am sure with my thought & love (intangleble) I have done something for them.

Is will remain in my heart to visit them again one day, and I am sure the day will come

Even I am unable to travel very often to Nepal. But I always receive progress report from this home and browse thru the home website :-


I have sponsor a child from Pontianak, Indonesia age 6 thru WORLDVISION ( With just RM50 I contributed each month, it will help this organization to develop this child. The RM50 is not a big amount and of course it cannt help much to the child. But if everyone contributed RM50, it will increase the pool of money and many things can be done. Well, I will not question abt how this organization run and many people will have doubt whether the contribution will go direct to thei child. Bcos the most important is the heart, not the money.


The children from Myanmar mainly follow their parents sneaking out from their country who is now undergoing political instability. Some came thru Malaysia illegally, some were born here holding red MYKAD. These children has no idea what will be their future as being so called refugee. Their future lies to where UNHCR will place them.

While children in Malaysia are so lucky to be able to go to school freely and yet they did not appreciate it at all. These refugee children is just depending on volunteer teacher to teach them the basic english and mathematic. Children mix up from age 5 to 12 sitting in same class.

I am touched, and I just volunteer myself in my community where there are more than 500 Myanmar refugees. I just spend time on Sunday with the children, participating in the bible class, sunday school. Seeing them singing and enjoying the song makes me very joyful.

I just pray that one day I will be able to help these children more, perhaps to start up a children fund.

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