Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sign of Depression affecting life

Everyone goes through period of sadness following death of love ones, broken relationship, financial mishap, business fall..etc. Depression will hit us if we did not get help immediately and it is very very dangerous.

A person is diagnosed as depressed when a significant number or all sympton below occure a two-week period or more
  • Poor appetite
  • Inability to enjoy activities that one would previously enjoy doing
  • Persistent depressed mood, unhappiness & irritability
  • Loss of interest in recreational activity and friends
  • Loss of energy and concerntration
  • Deterioration in work performance
  • Drastic weight change
  • Disturbed sleep (usually early morning awakening, followed by inability to go back to sleep)
  • Thought of worthlessness
  • Somatic complaint : headache, abdominal pain
  • Erratic mood and behaviour
  • Tempting death (by doing risky activities such as standing on edge of window driving through red light)
  • Talking abt suicide

Dont' let it affect us, always talk it out, look for close friends share out. Dont keep your feeling to yourself, bcos by keeping it does not solve any better. Seek for counselling, always ensure someone by yourside to help you and listen to you.

I have gone thru this and i know the pain & hurt. This help me to be strong and be able to help anyone who need to have a shoulder to cry on.

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