Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scolded in Hong Kong 05Feb 09

HongKong one of the destination never in my dream list. Not that I dont like HK. Bcos I feel that HK is a relax place to go when I grow old, cannt climb mountains anymore, cannt be adventurous.

Well, I choose to lead a tour group to HongKong, Shenzhen & Macau during Chinese New Year. True enough why so many people love to come to HK during festive season. The night scene is absolutely fabulous. The whole city is full of Neon lights. A city that is full of "Life". Clean and organized, I feel very comfortable here compared with all the tough trip I went all this years.
I am not sure if I would gradually pull myself out from those adventure destination (Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Kashmir...etc) and become lazy look for relax destination like this.

But HongKong give me 2 unforgetable impression.

Incident 1
There is a day of Free & Easy where I got a chance to scroll at the famous night market at "Ladies Road" and taste the real local delicacies. Heard alot abt street food is kinda nice, so wanna try. One of my tour member tag along and we stopped at one of the stall, seeing many people eating. Mmmm..Must be good !! We sat down and waited to order. The menu are all in Chinese, and no picture how and what food they serve. So I asked a waiter, young man but not very tidy looking what kind of food he recommend. He pointed at the menu and responded "Look at the menu yourself". The I said "Sorry I dont read Chinese, can you tell us roughly what you sell". And to my shocked he responded "If you dont understand, then dont eat la" WAAAHHHHH... I was stunned looking at my tourmember. We then said to him" Hey, brother we are tourist and your customer, how can you treat us this way, just tell us what you have.

He was grumbling all the way. We ended up ordered a bowl of plain Wonton noodle but other table has nice pork rib, special wonton... sigh!!... It cost us HKD20/RM10 ...

Incident 2
Then we scroll along the night market and saw a unique stall selling "MAGIC WALLET" You place ur money on the surface, turn in the other round, it is strap onto the wallet. I was standing at the stall trying to figure out how that magic wallet work. But I was being brush off by the stall keeper " No need to understand, just pay you will understand". I asked him whether I can open 1 and see. He said "No not allow, unless you pay". So I paid one and tested in front of the stall. Hehe he keep saying "Hey lady, no need to test la... you wont understand it. The way he says is after business deal, you better move away. Wow.. is this typical HongKong people character?

Anyway, different country has its own uniqueness. Some country really has nice people, and some really nasty depend on their culture. Even our own country has some rude people too. Is all experience ... I've got an enjoyable trip no doubt.

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stargal said...

yes, HK-ites are more aggressive. they will speak their mind and reprimand others when something bothers them or they are being inconvenienced. maybe it's their way of survival and 'looking out for themselves'.

to us m'sians, we will perceive it as rude and not courteous, but to them, it's very common. and most HK-ites do not take offend when they're being treated that same way. it's just the way their society is.