Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Impact of Financial Crisis

The title is already making everyone uncomfortable. Everyone started to feel the impact, everyone's topic today is abt this, everyone is worried what will happen next..

No doubt is pinch deeply for those who have high commitment with family and kids. But for me, I am consider very lucky. I am more prepared and ready to face the crisis. Being single with minimal commitment, the crisis is just to tell me to be more thrifty. There is still ways and means for me to skip through.

The timing was just right, and God is so good to me. God allow me to enjoy life to the fullest and make my dream came thru before the Financial Wave hit us.

Sept 08 - My dream trip - Trekking the Everest Region
Oct 08 - Lead my colleague to Mt Kinabalu - to create unforgetable moment for them
Nov 08 - Complete my car loan & 1st time to Sydney Australia

I can say I achieved whatever I dreamt off. And then the wave hit me end of Nov, some salary adjustment to sail thru this tough moment. Yes, I earn few hundreds less, but at least I have a job to survive. I should be thankful. What can I ask now....

This financial crisis, I am more prepared than in 2001. That was the darkest moment in my life. I was not prepared, still young and naive. Did not have reserves that could help me to sail thru. I was laid-off in a sudden, left with heavy loans (car & house) and debts on credit card. The lesson in 2001 taught me lesson which I keep to myself till now. "TO HAVE ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH" ....

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