Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can dream come true?

Anything can happen? Be prepared.... that is my "expectation" for my lifetime trekking trip to Nepal. And true enough, airlines (Flyyeti) suspended their flight from 15JUL08.

No one inform me until my Kathmandu agent wrote to me. I rang Yeti office in KL to find out. They didnt even know. They assured me no such news yet and Flyyeti is financially stable, bla bla. ... after a another week... they finally informed me.

Nearly fainted as everyone in my team (14pax) training so hard, waited for this to trip for so long, some bought their domestic ticket. How will they respond when i break this news to them? I urged Yeti to find solution for me either push me to another airlines without additional charges.

Alot of hope given to me - chartered flight la,.... and convince me to stay on. I got very frustrated as weeks by weeks still no solution. Never trust them. I switch the grp to Nepal airlines and got them confirm.........but.......... instead of 10days now we have to extend 2 more nights due to no flight on that particular Monday... Nepal airlines use to fly on Monday, but what a strange thing happen, that particular day not operating. Every have to re-approach their bosses for extra leaves, and worst is they have to fork out RM400 for extra airfares charges.

Nepal trip is always a tough trip to organize. We have to expect many uncertainities. Dealing with Nepalese is also a challenge. Their mentality and the way they work is very different from us.

Just pray that the trip will move smoothly. LESS than 2 months..

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